I have a Healthy Baby because of Seventh Generation

Okay so let me start off by saying – yes Seventh Generation has sent me samples for myself as well as some extras to share with my friends and family….. But no I was not paid and no I am not being forced to say this…… Seventh Generation is amazzzziiiinnnngggg.

When I saw online I was able to sign up to join the Generation Good Community where everyday moms learn about new healthy ways to raise a family while getting samples and free product to try— wouldn’t you be enticed to try?

I did and one of my first “samples” was a FULL Box filled with full sized products such as diapers, wipes, disinfectant, feminine pads on top of  coupons, lotion samples, and so much more! And all they asked is for me to get my girls together and share the products! Easy peasy.


So I packaged up equal amounts of samples and full sized products in the adorable little paper bags they provided, bought some wine and boom…. An excuse to have the girls over. We played some games and had an awesome time.


My two girlfriends are pregnant so we divided up the diapers between the two (my peanut is a size 3 in diapers and samples came in size 2 – bummer! But it helped out these moms to be so it was all good!) and besides that we all tried some of the wipes and raffled off some of the other full sized products I received. All while our kids socialized and played together (*COUGH* and trashed my house *COUGH*).


The products were all amazing and the company in general has been so kind to provide us with all the goodies! We love love love the Free & Clear wipes and have been using them ever since! They even smell healthy and clean!

So all in all…. I have a new favorite company. So go check Seventh Generation out! And if you want to try out their products sign up for the Generation Good Community.

Happy new year all ,





My tips to survive Morning Sickness…

As the excitement of the the birth announcement calms a bit and reality sets in….
so does the Morning Sickness.

I suffered from about the 7 week mark through 19 weeks.
12 horrific weeks of nausea and dry heaving.
And let’s face it….
Morning sickness is an ALL DAY thing for some of the lucky women out there(aka me!).
And I promise- this is different for every woman
and can be different with each pregnancy that same woman has as well.

I guess I was just dealt the lucky straw….
Now that I’m well into my second trimester with my little girl,
I figure – why not share how I got through in hopes it may help someone!

Below is a list of the :
Screen shot 2016-08-30 at 1.41.46 PM

  1. Sleep!

    I was lucky… I am over 25 hours from home and not working…. so I slept in. A LOT.
    I even took naps on top of waking up 2 hours later than usual. I know most people are working or running around with other children… but please take the time to nap- any second you have! Or lay in bed relaxing- planning a nursery on pinterest maybe?

  2. Watermelon

    Each bite of watermelon contains about 92 percent water and 6 percent sugar.
    Yes – I am a nerd and looked that up.
    It tastes amazing AND kept me hydrated when I could not eat or drink too much.
    So I guess it just makes sense!

    I have also seen on Pinterest ways to blend the watermelon to make homemade Popsicles!- this may be a great option for summer pregnancies like mine!

  3. Caffeine Free Diet Coke and Ginger Ale
    caffeine-free-diet-coke.jpgcanada dry

    I know there are MANY harms in soda- so I don’t want to mislead anyone.
    However, I gave in and had a can of Diet Coke or Ginger Ale here and there.
    I drank it in moderation and let me tell you…. It was a blessing.

    The carbonation helped so much
    and the sugar in it also helped me since I was unable to eat too much.

    Some Ginger Ale brands use real Ginger while others use artificial flavors and sweeteners.
    Ginger root is a proven remedy to nausea–
    so aim for the brands that use REAL GINGER!

  4. Earth Mama Morning Wellness Tea
    Morning Wellness Tea

    I have an amazing friend who introduced me to this product.
    The Tea contains Ginger Root, Spearmint, a hint of Peppermint, Chamomile, Lemon Balm and Orange Peel.
    It is Certified Organic, Non-GMO, and Certified Kosher.
    Now besides how amazingly healthy it is—
    the taste is DELICIOUS and it really helped me calm my stomach.

  5. Lemon Italian Ice
    Italian Ice.jpg

    Now, I am unsure if this is how I was brought up or
    if there are proven support to this statement…..
    Whenever I am sick — this is better than any medication.
    I love the Lemon flavor and even as a child my mother and father would always come home with Italian Ices when one of us were not feeling well.
    It is cold and refreshing and HEAVEN SENT!

  6. French Fries
    French Fries

    Unhealthy- yes.
    Bland- yes.
    Full of Carbs- yes.

    But it worked?!?!
    And lets face it— I am a sole believer in treating yourself in moderation.

  7. Salad

    This sounds crazy to me—- but SALAD!!!!
    I love every kind of salad you could put in front of me and
    this feeling only heightened with my pregnancy and morning sickness.
    The cold crisp lettuce and juicy tomatoes and crunchy cucumbers… yum.
    We would add cheese here and there or grilled chicken, or strawberries.
    My every meal had a side salad – and it was a beautiful thing!
    Healthy for you too!
    (it helped me not feel as ashamed of all the french fries I was consuming!)

  8. Diclegis

    I am usually not one to run to medication.
    I try my best to find alternatives.
    However after weeks of dry heaving… a girl can go crazy.
    My doctor gave me a sample of Diclegis–
    the only anti nausea medication I am aware of that is created for pregnant women.
    It is proven safe for both mommy and baby – so I gave it a shot!
    Let me say— although there is NO CURE ALL
    that I could find during my morning sickness adventure— this was pretty close.
    The medication calls for two pills at night for  relief the following day.
    However I was taking just one and it still helped A LOT!
    I highly suggest speaking with your doctor about this product if you are struggling.

  9. Fresh Air

    Let’s talk about the simplest remedy of all— Fresh Air!
    On a nice cool day, a walk outside was outstanding.
    Except— Big Problem— We are living in Texas in the summer.
    I have a Blizzard Fan and when you are trying to cook — or even just survive a hot Texas Summer Day– a STRONG fan was a necessity.

  10. Support

    When you are hugging a toilet, or puking in a trash can…
    It is very nice to have someone check on you:
    bring you a ginger ale, help grab the paper towels, replace the garbage can bag.
    I have a husband who has jumped through hoops for me the past few months
    and I could not be more grateful.
    The gentle rub on the back or
    a head popping into the bathroom to see if i needed anything or
    even the few nights -he made dinner for us!
    Every gesture (although maybe not thanked at the time) was appreciated and helps a mommy-to-be a great deal!
    Being over 25 hours from family, he is all I have during this crazy time.
    But he has made me feel loved and helped in all ways he could.
    God Bless this man.

    So please….. work on a support system.
    Whether it’s a dedicated mother,
    a trustworthy friend
    ( who wont post blackmail pictures of you puking your brains out ),
    or a loving husband/ boyfriend…
    find your person and thank them every second you can!

So there you have it folks….
hopefully my horrible 12 weeks of agony may help someone out there.

All the above products were used during my pregnancy.
I did not receive any promotional offers or perks to include them in my list nor speak about them in any way.

Thanks for stopping in!

xoxo Kris

Remembering the best day of my life…

April 2016…. the chaos begins…

Between my side of the family and my hubby’s there are 8 family birthdays to celebrate (plus one of our closest friends) during the month of April. The partying was never ending!

April was also our “crunch” month. Because of my hubby’s military training, we were sent away to Wichita Falls, Texas from the end of April through the beginning of September. So that means – see absolutely everyone we possibly can before we leave, as well as pack up everything we will need for our 4+ month excursion!

Anyhow, the reason I am writing this post is about the huge step we took in April. Mid-april we discovered we were expecting a child. A beautiful baby girl will be entering our lives during the holiday season of 2016.

Woaaaahhhhh now…… a baby?

We had been trying for only a few months but getting aggravated because we were not successful as promptly as we had liked (you are probably thinking- only a few months and shes aggravated? I am a planner – what can i say). And POW! Out of the blue, during one of the most chaotic weeks of our lives– a baby.

It is so exciting!…. yet so scary. A baby is such a huge leap.
Now that she is here in our lives – I panic… a lot.
To help me calm myself I decided to start the blog back up as well as jump into a relaunch of our Etsy company later in the year. It will keep me busy and hopefully help any other stressed out mama-to-be out there.


So as my husband and I leap into parenthood- I want to dedicate this post to him and the last huge leap we took — getting married.

I will always remember how amazing and beautiful that day was to me and I would like to share that with all of the cyber world. And lets face it — the next few months will be saturated with baby talk, advice, baby registries, baby showers etc….. we need a second to celebrate the two people that made this beautiful baby girl.


June 7th, 2014

Friedman Farms– Dallas PA

Half Pint Photography– Our Amazing Photographer! Kiera is so easy to work with and works out of Long Island but was able to travel for us! We love our Photos.


Hair by the beautiful Ivy @ Ivy League Hair & Nails


And now for the decor…

I am a Pinterest ADDICT and had my hubby, family and bridal party dying with all the DIY projects. I can’t thank you all enough for all the help!! All signs and decor are available via  Neeny’s Nook on Etsy. Custom orders are always welcome- just send me a message! Don’t forget as of the 2016-2017 Holiday season- the Etsy will be having a HUGE relaunch! Now back to the wedding ….


Flowers by the incredible Christine @ Peony Design Studio

IMG_5775.jpgIMG_5780.jpg123 pic 5.jpg123 pic 10.jpgIMG_5799.jpgIMG_5779.jpg

Cake, Bride & Groom Cake, and “Cakes in a Jar” By the amazing Patti Horton.


After all the hard work, line dance lessons, designing  and planning…. It worked.
We had the most amazing night with the most amazing group of people.

wedding-me and dave

So here is to my friends, my family and most of all —my husband and soon to be daddy.

I would love to provide any contact information to anyone interested in a Barn Wedding. It was the best decision we made. All of our guests enjoyed yard games, line dancing, dj music, and absolutely beautiful grounds. I could not have asked for more.

Hope you enjoyed the FLASHBACK!
xoxo Kris

I want to get Back In Action!

Since I have fallen off the face of this blogger earth….
So much has changed.

And I mean SOOOOO much.
I am finally back with stories and crafting galore!

Well over 2 years later-

I have gotten engaged to an amazing man, bought a house, moved from the Big Apple to a small country town in upstate NY, rescued a puppy, switched career paths, planned a wedding, got married, went on our honeymoon, started an amazing company and I am now  planning an incredible year before we settle further and plan on expanding the family.

So stick around for an amazing year! In the meantime, here are some flashes of our past ….

2013-08-03 23.02.59 engaged house chevieDave & IRiviera Mayahave you triedSee you soon!


This Skinny Wrap is unbelievable!

So we have all heard of ” Get Skinny Fast” Pills, Shakes, Drinks, Meals, etc…. and believe me when i say- i looked into them ALL. But never did i think I would actually find an ALL NATURAL option that actually works!

I loved my results from The Skinny Wrap  SOOOO much that I actually started selling the brand.

So here is the scoop…

The Skinny Wrap or “Ultimate Body Applicator” (as its called by the website) is nothing more than a non-woven cloth wrap that has been infused with this INSANE all natural,  botanically-based lotion that tones, tightens, and firms the desired area. It has also helped minimize the appearance of cellulite.

So you apply the wrap to the skin and either (A)wear a tight piece of clothing, (B) wrap the body part in the  easy breathable “Itworks Fab Wrap” or (C) use Saran Wrap!

For beginners – the company suggests leaving it on for only 45 minutes in case for any reason you have a reaction to the ingredients. Drink tons of water! WE want to flush all those bad things out of your body and let the lotion absorb into your pores! Even after you remove the wrap, the lotion is still working up to 72 hours later.- so be sure to rub it in good and try not to sweat or shower during or right after wrapping.

Below, are some before and after photos of a wrap I used on my belly. Can you believe my results?? I used Saran Wrap to hold the wrap in place nice and tight. I left it on for 3 hours and I was shocked how amazing my tummy looked!! I cant wait for the Summer now!

My Results- Side View My Results

Results do vary- The Wraps are sold in 4 packs ( one full application ) but if you want to try just one wrap let me know! One wrap is usually all i need!

And dont forget- we can wrap almost any body part! Arms, Legs, Butt, Belly, Chest, Back, Chin…. heck I even met a woman who loved the wraps for her ankles! it helped stop the swelling!


Kleenex does it again!

So my husband Dave and myself have been sick lately…. Total bummer with the holidays and all.

We were impressed with the timing when Kleenex and Crowdtap sent over some free samples! Perfect !!!

We were given BOTH the Kleenex Lotion and Anti-viral. We were impressed with how soft and thick these tissues were. Definitely going to be purchasing these again! The boxes are extremely full and worth the money.

Here is a coupon to spread the wealth! Happy and Healthy Holidays!