This Skinny Wrap is unbelievable!

So we have all heard of ” Get Skinny Fast” Pills, Shakes, Drinks, Meals, etc…. and believe me when i say- i looked into them ALL. But never did i think I would actually find an ALL NATURAL option that actually works!

I loved my results from The Skinny Wrap  SOOOO much that I actually started selling the brand.

So here is the scoop…

The Skinny Wrap or “Ultimate Body Applicator” (as its called by the website) is nothing more than a non-woven cloth wrap that has been infused with this INSANE all natural,  botanically-based lotion that tones, tightens, and firms the desired area. It has also helped minimize the appearance of cellulite.

So you apply the wrap to the skin and either (A)wear a tight piece of clothing, (B) wrap the body part in the  easy breathable “Itworks Fab Wrap” or (C) use Saran Wrap!

For beginners – the company suggests leaving it on for only 45 minutes in case for any reason you have a reaction to the ingredients. Drink tons of water! WE want to flush all those bad things out of your body and let the lotion absorb into your pores! Even after you remove the wrap, the lotion is still working up to 72 hours later.- so be sure to rub it in good and try not to sweat or shower during or right after wrapping.

Below, are some before and after photos of a wrap I used on my belly. Can you believe my results?? I used Saran Wrap to hold the wrap in place nice and tight. I left it on for 3 hours and I was shocked how amazing my tummy looked!! I cant wait for the Summer now!

My Results- Side View My Results

Results do vary- The Wraps are sold in 4 packs ( one full application ) but if you want to try just one wrap let me know! One wrap is usually all i need!

And dont forget- we can wrap almost any body part! Arms, Legs, Butt, Belly, Chest, Back, Chin…. heck I even met a woman who loved the wraps for her ankles! it helped stop the swelling!



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