Welcome to my blog! I am super excited to share my ideas and creations with you!

About Kristina :

Growing up in a small Long Island town, I found myself in the middle of pure and serene suburbia. I could walk around day or night, sun or rain and relax. Trees, flowers, parks, little league football – all came so easily and un-noticed in my hometown.  When I left my small town paradise to attended college at the Fashion Institute of Technology [in the heart of Manhattan], I was quickly absorbed into the fierce city atmosphere. I had about a year of excitement to be in the center of such a famous city, before I quickly lost interest of the smokey buildings and busy streets. I longed for trees and a patch of grass. However, I can say my schooling at F.I.T. has exposed me to soo many creative people and I quickly caught on to new art skills, creative ideas and some damn good food!

All in all, I find my heart in the suburban and country lifestyle. I love outdoor activities and being able to drop my computer and cell phone to enjoy the world around me. I also like using what I have to make new. I love vintage clothing and furniture.

I love the simple things.

I also LOVE pictures and capturing the moment (as everyone of my Facebook Friend is aware). Photography  has always been an hobby of mine and was an easy le-way into Scrapbooking. Thats where the blog comes in… I can share my hard work, ideas and gold mind findings!

 I hope you find interest in my findings and find my tips helpful. Please Enjoy !


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